What do you see in your mirror?

What do you see in your mirror?

You have just woken up from your normal night's sleep. You are in your bathroom, standing in front of the mirror. What do you see?

Look, I mean really look deeply, at the reflection of yourself in the mirror. What do you see?

Start at either the top or the bottom and evaluate what you see. Do you like how you look? Do you like how you are both physically and emotionally? Listen to what are you saying to yourself. Many people are thinking one or more of the following:

  1. I'm too fat.
  2. I look miserable.
  3. My mouth is always frowning.
  4. I'm not pretty and definitely not beautiful.
  5. I'm not insert your comment here…

If you see more things you are not pleased with vice relishing in the beauty of yourself, why are you not content with who you are? Look again in the mirror. Notice what you do find pleasant about yourself. It could be that sharp sparkle in your eyes, the glow radiating from you, the ripped abs, the sensitivity and compassion you display to all who see your kindness, or just the fact that you are alive!

We need to focus our thoughts of ourselves and of other to see beyond what we don't like and concentrate on what we Do Like! We need more self-love.

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It is alright to have areas or items that you want to change, this is normal. What is unhealthy is to focus solely on these areas and develop an negative self-impression and low self-esteem. Through change we grow. Even if the change is a painful process, and most of the time these types of changes result in the most dramatic experiences that lead to a more fulfilling life.

We are constantly being inundated with negativity. The news channels, the newspapers, and most social media sites thrive on disseminating negative items or posts that either report tragedies or "make fun" of some one or someone's situation. We are drawn in to read more and we then want to see more, we share it or post our own version further spreading these personally painful experience others are undergoing. Why do we do this? Is it making us forget, even for a little bit, all that's bothering us and by relishing in someone else's misery we then start to feel good about ourselves. Even if is just because we aren't as bad off as them?

Would the news industry survive if all they publish was "good news"? Probably not. But that doesn't mean we need to consume our lives with all the misery that is being published. We can go out in nature, or just outside if you live in the city. Look up at the stars through the clouds at night or see what shapes the daytime clouds look like. Do you remember doing these activities as a child? Recall how much enjoyment you received by witnessing all that was around you. Do you know what? All of those things are still all around you.

If you are deep within the city, go to a local park, and if not too far away, just walk there. Pay attention to all that you come near. Smell the air from a nearby garden or the fresh cut grass. If it just stopped raining a bit ago, smell the fresh scent in the air with the hint of the moist dirt. Stop, close your eyes and imagine being surrounded by love and compassion. Feel the inner warmth begin to spread throughout your body.

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