James RuzinokWelcome

Holistic Life Coach

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher & Energy Practitioner

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

I enjoy working with individuals to create changes in their thinking that bring about changes in behavior, leading toward a more joyful and meaningful experience of life.

I believe we all possess the inner wisdom to guide us through change and to help up identify our true purpose in life.

I encourage all individuals to explore, to identify, and overcome belief patterns that are holding them back, and to tap into their truth.

My Reiki Lineage

My training and attunements were performed by Reiki Masters Becki Baumgartner & Joyce Dierschke.

  • Dr Mikao Usui (1919-1922) Sensei Gyohan
  • Dr Chujiro Hayashi (1930's)
  • Mrs. Hawayo Takata 1939
  • Iris Ishikuro 1973
  • Arthur Robertson 1982
  • Jeanine Sande 1989
  • Renaldo Torres 1994
  • Richard Fiallo 1999
  • Becki Baumgartner 2012 & Joyce Dierschke 2012
  • James Ruzinok 2015

I practice both Traditional and Contemporary Usui Shiki Ryoho in the manner that I stand by the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho concepts but at times incorporate additional modern methods to provide an enhanced healing session.

My journey has provided some unique experiences in various fields and areas.

Born in a suburb or Cleveland, Ohio to a blue-collar worker I never felt that we were underprivileged. At an early age, I realized my views of life were different than those I was around. I found myself frequently thinking and wondering why am I here, what is my purpose. When my family would routinely go camping I would venture out to meet and make friends with other children, expanding my understanding of the world and life. I would have discussions to learn about how others viewed their life, what they believed in, and shared my experiences and thoughts.

While attending St. Peter Chanel High School, a Catholic High School, my theology classes included a study of other religions. Learning about Eastern Philosophies amazed me and I tried to incorporate some of it in my life. During practices on my high school swim team I noticed the lap swimming seemed to go by faster and I wasn’t as physically exhausted if I imagined a single burning candle and concentrated on the flickering flame.

After high school I entered the U.S. Navy and volunteered for Submarine Duty. Working as a mechanic in cramped spaces I found it necessary to close my eyes and block out the visual world to see with my fingers. It assisted me with performing maintenance out of view. I had some introspection and started to experiment with Transcendental Meditation, during which time I meet many wonderful people.

I married and have four wonderful sons whom I am extremely proud of, however I was focusing on advancing in the enlisted ranks and put my family life in second place and my religious beliefs even further behind. My emotional life ended up in shambles but my professional life thrived and I rapidly advanced. I was setup for a train wreck and it happened. My marriage fell apart and I was isolated from my children by large distances as my naval career continued.

I bounced in and out of other relationships and thought I fixed myself, only to again end in with separation that was beyond being able be reconciled. I ended up meeting a wonderful person who reopened my spiritual connections and I realized I was not living in harmony with myself or life.

After committing my life to re-establish balance with the universe we joined together in spiritual bliss. We are experiencing life in balance and continually strive to expand our consciousness. With her inspiration and support I have become an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery and a Reiki Master through Nashville Reiki & Oils with Reiki Masters Becki Baumgartner & Joyce Dierschke.

Our honeymoon was a four-day retreat with Sedona Soul Adventures and we planned an extra day to visit the Sedona energy vortexes. It was a wonderful experience and our love of each other expanded. While in Sedona we met Bear Cloud, a Native American spiritual painter. We have his 'Call of the Eagle Spirit' painting hanging in our meditation room. This started my journey in studying Native American healing practices and beliefs. I've since expanded my learning with hidden knowledge, symbols and Egyptian hieroglyphs. My quest for understanding ancient and modern religions will continue.

Now I am using my coaching skills learned throughout my life along with my holistic training and focusing on helping other individuals who find themselves 'out of harmony' with their true self. If you are one of those who are looking for that 'Aha moment' and know it is within reach, you are at the right place.

Every day, each one of us, sees those who find themselves continuing to experience a life they don't believe in. There are many people who go to work to make money that pays the bills but dislike their job, it brings them no fulfillment and only helps them make ends meet. I want to help those individuals bring balance and harmony to their lives. Everyone deserves to be happy in life.